Champion Studio is Excited to Present our Summer Dance Technique Bootcamp  with Anthony Femath

June 26th, 27th, & 28th
9:00am – 12:00pm
$45.00 per Dancer

Intermediate and Advanced Dancers Only
Concessions will be available for purchase at studio concession area.

These Workshops are a great opportunity for El Paso Dancers. Usually teams have to travel or pay outrageous fees to bring in quality instructors from out of town for summer dance camps. Take advantage of this great opportunity of having Anthony in El Paso for this Summer Workshop.


Summer Workshop Schedule:


The dancers will take a traditional class that will advance their knowledge of proper body alignment and terminology. “Ballet is the ABC’s of Dance” is a motto that I firmly believe. The Summer Workshop requires an hour and a half of ballet so that the dancers may prevent injuries, bad habits, and improve their technique. The times listed below are based on the characteristics of a standard ballet class. The times might vary depending on what the instructor sees fit.

9:00-9:30am- Barre

(ex:  warm up, plies, tendus, jetes, rond de jambs, fondus, frappes, adagio, ron de jambe en l’air, petite battements, grand battements and others)

9:30-10:00am- Center

(ex: adagio, port de bras, tendus, plies, pirouettes, petite allegro, medium allegro, assembles, balances)

10:00-10:25am- Grand Allegro

(ex: large rapid movements that the dancers will only work for a short period of time given that it can be very strenuous. Grand jetes, sissonnes, and assembles are customary during this time as well as others)

10:25-10:30am- Reverence



The Dancers will continue their studies in a jazz class integrated with different styles of technique that will include cardio, strength training, plies, yoga, abdominal work outs and others to maintain the dancer’s physique. This will also include a full body stretch to improve flexibility. The primary distribution of the techniques being targeted will take place in the center. The students will then proceed to work on jumps and turns across the floor. The last thirty minutes of class are designed to improve memorization and so that the dancers may adapt to new styles of dance. The combinations will vary daily from jazz funk to contemporary.

10:30-10:30am- Warm Up

(ex: to increase the blood flow before going into the full body stretch there will be a mild cardio workout that will include jumping jacks, pushups, lunges, squats, and others)

10:35-11:00am- Full Body Stretch integrated with Horton Technique

(ex: yoga, lunges, splits, partner stretches, lateral t, lateral swings, flat back series and others)

11:00-11:20am- Technique

(ex: combinations that the dancers will memorize that will incorporate plies, port de bras, tendus, battements, and pirouettes to different genres of music that will vary from pop folk to Arabic beats) ***requests from the directors to work on specific techniques that the dancers should work on are highly encouraged***

11:20-11:30am- Across the Floor

(ex: piques, aleseconde turns, fouettes, large jumps and others)


(ex: theater jazz, jazz funk, contemporary and others)

***requests from the directors to work on specific styles of dance for their teams are highly encouraged***